One year later, & our baby girl finally met her grandparents!

. o c t . 2 0 2 1 .

Facundo, MiKeilah & Baby Kenya Puentes

. a r g e n t i n a .

Baby Kenya’s 1st time in my country!

7 weeks that turned into 3 months. COVID test results, cancelled flights, and mucus in our baby’s lungs. We don’t know why God had us in the States longer than expected, and took us back to Argentina just before my grandpa’s funeral. But we’re thankful for the time Kenya had with family, meeting my loved ones’ babies, and being able to attend my sister’s graduation ceremony. We were blessed by the connections we made with people and only wish we could have travelled more to be with everyone we wanted to see in other states.

Prayer & Healing!

Thank you so much for praying for my mental health all this time! I no longer meet with a Christian psychiatrist and we agree that I’m in a significantly better place emotionally. The difference is seriously night and day, and we knew that San Miguel del Monte would be a place where Facu could serve and where I could heal. But please be praying for clarity concerning this time of transition ministry-wise! We’re trying to listen for God to tell us how to move forward in the next steps we’re wanting to take now. Also please let us know how we can be praying for you!

7:00 am Saturday morning alarm

If you’re only moderately interested in children’s ministry, you might not get excited about walking twelve blocks to spend sacred Saturday morning in a cold church for training lectures. But if you feel compassion for tiny humans and want to strive to learn how to serve better, then yeah! I’m in currently in the middle of several sessions and I’ll be teaching Sunday school soon! That’ll be a first for me!

I was also able to sing for a women’s meeting at Palabra de Vida online while Stateside. It’s on my YouTube channel! (MikaPuentes)

Facu’s been installing light fixtures and other electronic things for the Bible Institute here. At youth group and also at a prayer meeting, Facu has also been invited to preach. And his most recent class at Carolina University Online was all about the creation of the universe! We’re both still always learning more!

Facu helping plan out our church’s 10 year Anniversary!
(long distance meeting, America/Argentina)

Happy birthday, La Paz!

Facu was part of the planning committee for our church’s 10 year anniversary of existing! It was a full weekend and we got to celebrate in our freshly built new sanctuary! (see photo)

La Paz Church’s “Missions Month”

I’m convinced every person in the world would be blessed by knowing this Argentine woman, Laura. She’s an aspiring missionary to unreached people groups. We’re in the middle of “Missions Month” right now at our church, and alongside the Missions Department (photo above) we’ve been working out all the details. Laura will be the focus, and LORD willing she’ll be serving in the middle east! So stay tuned!

Thank you for your partnership, both to those of you who are praying and those who are giving support. We are extremely grateful!

Donate by phone at 1-800-872-5404

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