I’m pregnant again!

March 2020

MiKeilah & Facundo Puentes

2020 MAR 7 (2)

Our rainbow . . .

Thank you for praying for my mental health as we grieved an early miscarriage last year.

I’m continuing in trauma therapy and slowly seeing progress, but my depression remains stagnant.

While at the same time we’re still very excited to welcome our rainbow baby this July! And we got to tell my friends & family the news during our short trip to the States in December 2019.

It was also healing for me to be there and for us to receive counsel about our next steps & new possibilities moving forward in ministry.

Please join us in prayer regarding these decisions!

2020 MAR 8

Pastoral Care !

We say that in essence we’ve become Assistant Pastors here due to our work, so it’s always refreshing when we can be pastored by others! From Jan. 17-20th, our CTEN Pastoral Care Counselors flew down from Missouri to visit us in Argentina.

We were challenged, encouraged, and also able to gain insight about following God’s will for our lives during this time where my health continues to be taxing.

2020 MAR 6

Church summer camp !

Living in the hottest province of Argentina really brings people together when you offer a huge variety of water games at a day camp!

Ages 7-12 were impacted, but this wasn’t the ministry’s main purpose. Facu really wanted the teenagers to experience serving and being in charge.

Every week they rotated leading the Bible lesson, water games, art/crafts, and snacktime for the kids.

Before summer camp began, they were also taught how to preach the Gospel to children. This was a first for all of them!

The Youth Group kids are ages 14-18 and they did this every week of the summer with our small traveling Carnival ministry.

2020 MAR 0

Guillermina is 16 and she decided to get baptised last summer. Since then she’s been serving in children’s ministry, and took the initiative of starting an Instagram account for our church: @ice_25deMayo

2020 MAR 4

Fiorela’s 1st time teaching a Bible lesson!

This was another first for nearly every one of the teens, but they all did a fantastic job.

2020 MAR 2

Ale only recently started coming to church and Facu has witnessed a TON of spiritual growth as his mentor. He’s reading God’s Word daily and is interested in getting even more involved in our congregation.

It’s mind-blowing & awesome to see such big positive changes in all of these teenagers!



Thank you for your partnership, both to those of you who are praying and those who are giving support. We are extremely grateful!

Donate by phone at 1-800-872-5404

Secure online donations made at:

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