We have a baby in Heaven

Nov 2019

MiKeilah & Facundo Puentes


Prayers Appreciated

In August we found out that I was pregnant for the first time. But September greeted us with loss. In addition to my ADD & C-PTSD, I’ve also begun to experience symptoms of depression. Please pray for my mental health during this time, and wisdom for Facu as he seeks how to best support me. Facu continues to put everything into his work assisting our Pastor, but I’ve taken a tiny step back from my responsibilities here because of this. I visit people less, and I only counsel one person now- a woman who stopped going to church. I still give free English & drum lessons, but I’m no longer the church choir director. Youth group, praise band, cleaning ministry, and church fundraisers are all things that I still participate in, but the leaders are patient with me if I ever suddenly begin to ruminate.

FURNIS High School !

On August 27th, we were invited to speak at the only Christian high school in our state. Around 90% of the students are non-believers, so the staff was shocked at how attentive & interested they were as we talked about how Jesus changed our lives and called us to missions.

nov 19 cuchi

→   Seby & Cuchi’s 1st time sharing their faith  ←

Working with Teenagers !

All year we’ve been praying for our Youth Group kids to become friends with each other and desire to follow God. Some chose other paths. But we’ve seen h u g e changes over the past few months with everyone else! Seby & Cuchi (above) are being mentored by Facu and soon will be leading Bible studies on their own!

Quincho !

We’re almost done with the new addition to our church! There’s a massive brick grill, round stone oven, and a giant open space to hold gatherings under a roof. Facu has been in charge of hosting benefits to cover the construction costs. People from church have helped a TON by donating ingredients & baking for these fundraisers. We’re so excited to see how God’s going to use this space!

nov 19 quincho z

→  Volunteers from our church making beef empanadas ! ←



Thank you for your partnership, both to those of you who are praying and those who are giving support. We are extremely grateful!

Donate by phone at 1-800-872-5404

Secure online donations made at:

Mail support to:
CTEN PO Box 291307
Kerrville, TX 78029-1307


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