Our favorite layer of dirt

Aug 2019

MiKeilah & Facundo Puentes

The 2007 Station Wagon

Frequently traveling to the nearby villages is a great reason for our car to constantly be coated in a thick, opaque, brown layer of dirt. It’s hilarious, and we’ve just accepted it at this point. This vehicle’s backseat is also offered to take our teenagers home safely after Saturday night youth group. We loved seeing our trailer easily be able to fit almost A L L of the carnival games + equipment that we use in public schools. Our goal is not to be comfortable, it’s to live in service to the LORD. And we feel undeserving of the beautiful & unique lifestyle that we have in full-time ministry!

aug 19 . b (3)

Fatima, Cele, (above) and Seby are 3 kids we’ve been mentoring, and it’s awesome to see how much they’ve opened up since we first began building trust. Seby is learning alongside Facu as he goes with him to tell people about Jesus and lead Bible studies in the villages.

→   Puesto Nuevo’s grade school has 40 students.  ←

(Underneath that pile of clothes is actually Facu playing one of the games)

On July 12th, we took some volunteers from our church to the most energetic group of kids in Puesto Nuevo! We brought boxes of imperishable food, played carnival games, presented the Gospel twice, and we were invited to have school lunch with them. Most had crystal clear ideas about God and were just excited to spend time with other Jesus followers!

aug 19 . d (3)

Gratitude & Prayers

Thank you for praying for open doors here in Santiago del Estero! Every other day you’ll find Facu in either the Colonia, Puesto Nuevo, Chea, or Loa villages helping people grow in their spiritual journeys. Please pray for God to speak through him, and for his physical safety on the roads.

aug 19 . c (2)

→  This entire family met Jesus a few months ago!  ←



Thank you for your partnership, both to those of you who are praying and those who are giving support. We are extremely grateful!

Donate by phone at 1-800-872-5404

Secure online donations made at:

Mail support to:
CTEN PO Box 291307
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