Never arrive

Oct 2018

MiKeilah & Facundo Puentes

“Why did God put that tree in the garden of Eden?”

One of the young girls in my Bible study asked me this, since we were talking about how a loving God sends some people to Hell. My answer was specific, but I wouldn’t have known what to say if I hadn’t taken the time to research different Biblical perspectives on the afterlife.

Facu & I have both been challenged this year to go deeper into God’s Word, as a great part of our ministry involves teaching. Other ways we minister are through cleaning, visiting, leading, preaching, witnessing, singing, and playing different musical instruments. But we don’t pretend to be experts in any of these areas!

It’s good to know that while we seek God on this earth, we will always grow and never arrive.

The U.S.A !

We just got settled and now it’s off to my homeland! For these 3 winter months we’ll be raising support in the US in order to come back and continue serving full-time in Argentina. From December 3-6 we’ll also receive further training at Commission To Every Nation’s (CTEN) missionary orientation in Texas!

Praises & Prayers !

Thank you for praying for my residential visa’s processing over the past 6 months. Praise God I’m now and forever LEGAL in Argentina!

We still praise God that no one was hurt and only a few things were stolen from our church when someone broke the door down. And that the door could be replaced so quickly!

God has continued His blessings by giving us the chance to share our ministry with folks in the US on our upcoming trip. Please pray for doors to open with people and churches, and for our hearts to trust that God will always sustain us.

oct 18 gfg

(above) Facu spoke at our church on Mother’s Day, with inclusion for all kinds of non-biological and biological moms. Out of all the messages he’s preached this year, this one was his favorite.


(above) This year we were able to re-start public school ministry… with volunteers from our church!

oct 18 gfdgs

Thank you for your partnership, both to those of you who are praying and those who are giving support.
We are extremely grateful!

Donations made by phone: 1-800-872-5404 (press 1)

Secure online donations made at:

Mail support to:
CTEN PO Box 291307
Kerrville, TX 78029-1307


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